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  • AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Development Services
  • AngularJS Development Services

Congruent is one of the best AngularJS development company, delivering highly secured, robust and easy to maintain mobile and web apps to customers in various verticals. Share your app ideas or requirements with our AngularJS developers, and get a comprehensive web app along with some strategic consulting that is perfectly suitable for your business needs and/ or users. With hands on experience and knowledge of all the cutting-edge tools & technologies, Congruent is one of the most sought after AngularJS development company. Our AngularJS development team is capable of developing cost-effective data-driven web applications using features like Model View Controller Framework, HTML User Interface, Two-way binding, POJO Model, and Testing.

Areas Our Angular Developers Can Help

Building a New Application?

Looking to build a cutting-edge application for your new business idea? We can help you devise strategy & build robust angular applications with highest quality and optimum efficiency.

Enhancing an Existing Application?

With a time-tested angular development team, we can build enhancements to your existing applications and support in maintaining apps from bugs and product updates.

Choose An Engagement Model That Suits Your Business

Fixed Bid

Projects with well-defined and signed off set of requirements, with change control procedures in place.

Time & Material

An evolving project where requirements are not clearly defined up front. This supports agile development.

Monthly Retainer

This ensures that costs are fixed and predictable, while requirements could evolve and change with the business.

Hire Our Angular Developers

Hire our Angular developers who are capable of working from first version of Angular till the latest version. With expertise in developing high-performing apps, our developers are equipped to build large scale projects that maintain most of the critical processes of a business. With mid to senior level developers and certified project managers, you will get utmost proficiency with your applications.

5+ years experienced developers
50+ projects successfully delivered
Skilled in Front/Back end development
Strong NDAs
Smooth end-to-end project management
Support in your time zone
On time delivery of projects
Hire from a vast pool of AngularJS resources

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Our AngularJS Development Services

AngularJS Customization

Customize your existing web applications in line with your business or user requirements

Web Application Development

AngularJS developers delivering customized single-page applications

Framework Plug-in Development

Developing AngularJS Plug-ins for extending your apps’ features and functionalities

AngularJS UX/UI Development

Dedicated UX/UI developers delivering rich applications with high-end user experience

Portal Redesign & Development

Redesign & enhance your portal for better experience & to meet your varying business needs

Real-time Apps Development

Build instant messengers, chat applications with an easy to use interface

AngularJS Version Migration

Seamless migration to the latest version of AngularJS

App Upgrade and Maintenance

Upgrade & maintain apps to leverage new features and improve app performance.

AngularJS QA And Testing

Karma, Jasmine, MochaJS etc are some of the tools we utilize for testing

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Congruent Technology Expertise

AngularJS Application Development Process

Congruent follows a set of proven software development process to save cost and time associated with the AngularJS application development. Being in operation for over 25 years, Congruent has developed the necessary competencies to understand & analyze customer’s unique business needs and deliver cutting-edge AngularJS application to address it.


Gathering Requirements and Analysis

Discussing the project related details with customers, starting from their idea of what they had visualized as an end product, on-site analysis to process specifications. Once the requirements are gathered, we analyze the collected information and establish the project goals and objectivities.


Our experienced AngularJS developers will design the architecture of the project based on the requirements that are gathered earlier. Once this is done, customers will validate the user interface and the prototype. This process eliminates any chances for flaws during the development phase.


This is when we start developing AngularJS applications in accordance to the design that was approved by the customer. We follow a very transparent and an agile development process so that our customers are always updated throughout the AngularJS application development cycle.


Once the AngularJS application is developed, we follow it up with application quality testing, debugging testing and customer acceptance testing. When the customer approves the developed application, we move onto the deployment phase.


Finally we will make the AngularJS application available for its intended users. The application is deployed in the live server and monitored closely by our AngularJS developers to see if the application is functioning to its optimal level.

Maintenance and Support

All the AngularJS applications that are successfully deployed will need a fine performance tuning at some point of time in future. As an end-to-end AngularJS development company, Congruent offers many flexible support plans for customers to maintain their AngularJS applications and stay updated always.

Advantages Of AngularJS Application Development

  • MEAN Stack Framework-

    With MongoDB database, Express.js web app framework & Node.js runtime setup, Angular can be integrated with these open source libraries to build applications with ease and efficiency.

  • Model View Controller+
  • Two-Way Data Binding+
  • Reusable Codes+
  • Faster Time To Market+
  • Testing+
  • Dependency Injection+