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Enterprises today realize the importance of data-driven decisions in order to be innovative and successful. Every year the amount of data flowing into your business increases and so does the type of data sources from where the data is generated. Most enterprises are struggling to derive meaningful information from data due to an extensive range of complex data sources and the speed at which data is coming in.

What we can do for you?

For business leaders

  • Empower you to make timely data-driven critical decisions
  • Design & develop a robust automated data preparation process to access all business critical data without IT dependency

For business analysts and data scientists

  • Save up to 75% of your time spent on preparing data
  • Spend more time analyzing. Create reports faster with greater accuracy

For IT Leaders

  • Catch up to the swift growth of data from an extensive range of complex data sources before it becomes impossible to manage
  • Safeguard your most important data with right security protocols in place and integrate it seamlessly with your current IT investments

Your data comes from varied sources, in varied formats and sizes. We can bring them together into one unified structure.

Data Preparation
Data Prepartaion Report

Congruent’s Key Capabilities in Data Preparation Services

  • Prior to using any data from various sources for analytics, Congruent can clean, transform and enrich your data to improve its quality
  • Congruent can automate your data movement and develop a repeatable efficient process that takes primary data from any source, cleanse it, repair it, enhance it and store it in a location where you can easily access and analyze the data
  • Proficient in dealing with extracting data from complex data sources like Social Media, Cloud data, Multimedia, IoT data, emails, documents, log data, locations data etc.
  • Congruent comprises of cross-platform competency where our specialists employs java and python programming tool for parsing raw data from XML and JSON.
  • Our consultants are trained to work with data that are not segmented, data that contains nonstandard characters, data with inconsistencies and data that are not even in English.
  • Use python, R or Java languages to write a code that can get data ready for predictive analysis
  • Congruent can guarantee an uninterrupted flow of data in to your business intelligence work stream from any source and data base
  • Congruent can also develop dashboard and analytical reports using visualization tools

Our data preparation process can help you scale new peaks

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    Data Preparation Process step 1

    Select Data

    Decide on what data to be included or excluded and gather applicable data from both internal and external data sources

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    Cloud1 Cloud2
    Data Preparation Process step 2

    Data Profiling

    Analyze and understand the anomalies present in the collected data and formulate an approach on how to extract information from the data

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    Data Preparation Process step 3

    Clean/Fix data

    Removing duplicate data, correcting or eliminating noise data so that it may enrich the data quality and doesn’t compromise the data information we feed in to the analytics system.

  • Cloud2 Cloud1
    Cloud1 Cloud2
    Data Preparation Process step 4

    Build Data

    Build derived attributes, create new records, complete the missing records and change values for existing attributes if necessary

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    Data Preparation Process step 5

    Prepared/Processed data

    The resulting data is ready to be consumed by analytical tools for generating reports or to be used by data scientists and analysts

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