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What use it is to spend hours in analyzing data and building reports if it is not understood by the users? To design and develop reports that are accurate, informative and at the same time visually appealing and easy to understand, one should not just have the skills to understand the business requirements but also a flair for designing.

Congruent specializes in providing data visualization services for businesses, enabling companies to monitor their entire business performance on a single screen, in an easily understandable format. We help companies track their KPIs with rich, visually appealing graphical presentations of their data.

Our right mix of consultants, developers and analysts make sure that you get all the required information in one place in a visually appealing and easy to comprehend format.

We understand how important it is for everyone in the organization to access insights and work with the same version of data and at the same time we also realize the fact that each user is unique and their needs varying. We build dashboards that are tailor made to your needs. Our personalized dashboards adhere to the varying needs of each user.

Our extensive experience in building Dashboards means, you can go from data to dashboards in real quick time.

We build dashboards that are available on the go. You can access, interact, work and share the data from anywhere using any device, be it a desktop or a tablet or a smartphone. You can also receive real time data with push notifications.

Our web based dashboards enables any number of users in the organization to access, observe and work with the same report without having to download.

We can also bring in the dashboard right into SharePoint, enabling you to view, edit and interact with the dashboard right on your internal SharePoint site from anywhere. You can also share the dashboard across the organization using SharePoint without the data being tampered by others.

Why Congruent?

  • Secured Approach - No compromises on the security of your data
  • Iterative Approach - Continuous improvement based on user’s feedback
  • Personalized Experience - You get exactly what you need
  • Flexible & Appealing Design - Visually appealing dashboards that’s easy to understand for any user
  • Interactive Dashboards - Interactive dashboards that you can drill down to a detailed level
  • Real-time Dashboards - Real time information updated on your dashboard with just a refresh

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Why Congruent?

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