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  • Unearth information buried deep in data with extensive analytics
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Congruent provides complete Microsoft business intelligence consulting services that are flexible to meet the needs of organizations of different vertical and sizes. We develop and implement Microsoft BI services for all kind of businesses, and our solutions range from system analysis to data warehouse development, report development as well as moving your Business Intelligence to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Congruent is a gold certified Microsoft technology partner that specializes in helping companies like yours to achieve high ROI through quality deliverables you can count on. Our strong expertise in Microsoft Business Intelligence, combined with of our proven delivery methodologies, we leverage your existing investment in Microsoft technologies to the maximum.

We extract data from Microsoft as well as Non-Microsoft data sources like Oracle, Teradata, text, ODBC, OLE DB and many other sources.

Whether you are looking to implement new Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, or already have an existing Microsoft BI solution in your organization, our business intelligence consulting services can help you leverage maximum out of your data analytics infrastructure.

Our BI consultants will carry out a complete assessment, and understand your business process by meeting with your key decision makers to identify all the factors that are influencing your process and provide you with a competent solution that is closely aligned with your objectives. They also study your internal & external systems to devise a roadmap for your company’s business intelligence solution.

With a myriad of engagement models, including fixed cost and retainer, Congruent can provide a high-quality, cost-efficient model that will serve your needs.

Reporting Services (SSRS)

Our consulting services on SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) enable you to make informed & effective decisions based on reports tailored for different user profile / responsibilities. We evaluate and devise your BI strategy to develop relevant visual illustrations of performance through dashboards and reports. Our reporting services include

  • Optimizing and aligning your SSAS and SSRS needs according to your information sharing requirements
  • Designing and developing Reports, dashboard, scorecard and KPIs from virtually all possible data sources
  • Building and publishing complex reports on to SharePoint
  • Developing tabular, matrix, tablix, and other free form reports, and graphical charts
  • Ad hoc reports development
  • Responsive mobile reports development
  • Designing and developing interactive BI-grade reports- drill down, drill through and data visualization
  • Use/embed 3rd party SSRS enabled controls to do advanced aggregation and summary. In addition, Congruent can also use 3rd party controls for rich graphical output
  • Manage and control access to reports and report data using role based security framework native to SSRS
  • Train clients to create ad-hoc reports using Reports Builder and Power View
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) - Congruent Software Inc

Analytics Services (SSAS)

We develop SSAS OLAP solutions to create cubes using data from data marts / data warehouse, enabling deeper and faster data analysis. Our analytics services include

  • Aligning SSAS approach to best respond to changing business challenges and market demands
  • Multidimensional and Tabular analysis
  • Preparing & populating the data that drives the SSAS system
  • Designing and developing the SSAS cubes to organize and make sense out of data
  • Configure and fine-tune SSAS environments to derive the optimum balance between performance and data latency
  • Data mining & discovering data patterns that are not instantly visible
  • Train users to develop their own analysis service models and analyze data from server based analysis service models

Data Integration Services (SSIS)

With SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), we consolidate data from various sources, load them into a centralized database, and transfer to multiple destinations, laying a foundation for an efficient information management system that delivers data across your organization in an integrated, accurate, and timely manner to facilitate accurate analytics & comprehensive reporting. Our SSIS services include

  • Performing Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for structured & unstructured data
  • Integrating archive, real-time, intra company and third party data from multiple sources including Microsoft & non-Microsoft platforms
  • Capturing real-time data from sensors and other industrial gadgets, analyze the data streams in-memory and gain insights on-the-fly
  • Data warehouse development
  • Data cleansing
  • Master data management
  • Enterprise application integration (EAI)
Power BI Consulting - Congruent

Power BI Consulting

Power BI Consulting Services

Congruent’s BI experts, visualization architects, and analytics developers work with you to uncover insights hidden in your data and bring compelling business insights to your table using Power BI.

Challenges We Help You Resolve

Unutilized big data opportunities

With huge amount of data flowing in from different sources, your business is usually sitting on information gold mine, but managing & utilising such data for analytics becomes a daunting task for any business. More often than not, the information hidden in those data go unnoticed. Which means, you are not able to see the complete picture. In such scenarios, our big data analytics solution steps in to dig out information from hidden sources which otherwise would have gone unseen.

Mismatching data from different departments

Our Microsoft Business Intelligence services provides you a single source of truth (SSOT) for assessment of data. Regardless of whether you opt for centralized BI, or self-service BI, our Microsoft BI consultants are well experienced and capable of creating solutions that take raw data directly from corporate systems without any need of copying it manually from multiple sources.

Misleading Reports And Dashboards

It is needless to say that incorrect representation of KPIs, time frames, or wrong visualizations of data results in harming the business. Therefore, our experienced Microsoft business intelligence consultants ensure that you are provided with accurate data in consistent presentation format, along with right color scheme, on your desktop as well as mobile devices.

Shallow Reports

We carefully design reports keeping different roles of users in consideration and provide insights that are most relevant to the respective users. For example, a person in top management needs a different kind of insights than that of a manager. We develop reports with well-tuned visualization, enabling users to spot all the important figures and changing trends at a glance.

Centralized BI solutions where self-service BI is needed

By helping you to set up self-service BI, we free your IT departments from never-ending requests for custom reports while giving your business users much needed flexibility. It enables you to speed up your decision making process as the users become self-sufficient in creating reports.

Low-quality Raw Data

We help you remove low-quality data by cleansing & discarding incomplete, outdated, ambiguous and duplicate data from your database.

What Makes Congruent Best For Microsoft BI Consulting?

Microsoft BI - Partnership
Successful BI partnerships with companies from diverse industries including healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and higher education etc.
Microsoft BI – Business requirements
Keeping business users as prime focus at every stage of our development process, we work with them continually to better gauge the business requirements
Microsoft BI – Agile methodology
Agile BI development methodology to deliver solutions in an iterative model
Microsoft BI – Continued business
Continued business from our customers over many years is testimony to our quality deliverables
Microsoft BI – Experienced team
Our BI team is vastly experienced in working with large amounts of data and user counts for enterprises and SMBs
Microsoft BI – Certified developers
Certified developers with years of expertise in SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS

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