Congruent's Go-Green Initiative

Congruent as a company has always promoted the idea of an eco-friendly environment through ‘Go Green’ initiatives to reduce carbon footprint. Congruent has its own ‘Go green initiative’ where volunteers from the company go out as a group to plant trees in schools and villages and we also encourage our employees to do their part for the environment by presenting each one of them with a sapling, which they can plant in their own place and they too get a sense of satisfaction for having done something for the environment.

Keeping in line with the same practice, Congruent also donates trees on a yearly basis to ‘’, an official partner of United Nations-Billion Tree Campaign and WWF’s cities for forest campaign. Congruent has already donated trees to a project in Karnataka, India, where 1, 15,000 trees are planted for the benefit of the rural communities and in improving the natural resources of the area. And to continue with the process of doing our bit for the environment, we have again donated trees to a project in Gujarat, India, that involves planting of 50,000 mangroves with the objective of restoring the ecological balance in the coastal areas of this region.

Congruent takes great pride in doing such activities that help the environment and will continue to do so in the days to come.

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