The Power BI Specialist

Power BI Specialist

The Power BI Specialist

Our Business Intelligence experts possessing 15+ years of experience in Microsoft BI technologies are highly skilled at providing comprehensive & professional Power BI consulting services, starting from analyzing & defining your BI strategy, architecting solutions, implementing the necessary data integrations, to data warehouse development, turning your methodologies of data analytics and models into flexible & insightful Power BI dashboards that enables fact based decision making.

What We Offer

Power BI Consultation

Power BI consultation

Data, whether present on cloud or on-premises, hold answers to the most complex business questions. With traditional BI solutions, the process of connecting different data sources and transforming the available information into business intelligence is complicated.

Cloud based BI solutions like Microsoft Power BI helps overcome these challenges.

Our highly experienced Power BI consultants analyze your requirements and business model to devise best suiting Power BI strategy, and develop custom Power BI solutions that bring business critical data to life.

We enable users to analyze data and visually explore it to make intelligent decisions through stunning real-time dashboards.

Role-Based Customized Power BI Dashboards

Role-Based Customized Dashboards

Our customized dashboards and reports are role-centric for every user in your organization, bringing right information to the right person at right the time which is easy to adopt or understand and help users to make smart/informed decisions.

  • For Analysts: Enabling you to rapidly turn data to insight and then to action. Connect & prepare data from numerous data sources, and turn them into actionable reports.
  • For Business Users: Helping you to always stay informed. View dashboards on any device, get alerts on KPIs, and drill into details.
  • For Information Technology: Facilitating to simplify management, achieve compliance, and secure data while giving people access to insights.
  • For Developers: Bringing apps to life by easily embedding interactive data visuals and delivering compelling reports on any device.
Power BI Data Warehouse Development

Data Warehouse Development

With advanced architecture, our Power BI Experts bring data from multiple sources, including Microsoft & Non-Microsoft platforms, under one single data warehouse that helps to unlock insights hidden deep in your data.

Power BI Data Cleansing, Preparation & ETL

Data Cleansing, Preparation & ETL

We are competent in importing data from virtually any database, file, smart devices or web using custom APIs, connectors or web services. We then prepare these data by cleansing & discarding incomplete, outdated, ambiguous and duplicate data and perform Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) for structured & unstructured data to build optimal & informative visualization using Power BI.

Power BI Implementation

Power BI Implementation

Our Business Intelligence consultants build the foundation for Power BI in a test environment to run thorough tests to ensure everything is functioning as expected before deploying it in live environment. They walk you through all the processes of Power BI implementation / customization and build a perfect Power BI environment that fits your business needs, enabling you to get maximum out of the Power BI interactive dashboards and reporting features.

Power BI Data Integration

Data Integration

We are capable of directly integrating massive volume of data from all kind of sources including internal and disparate external sources with Power BI to analyze and interpret. In cases where the data is not in a desired format for Power BI, we will quickly query and load the data into a file before uploading it into Power BI.

Power BI Mobile Apps

Power BI Mobile Apps

Monitor your business from anywhere with Power BI Mobile apps. With Power BI based Native mobile BI apps, you can quickly and securely access Power BI reports on your mobile device from anywhere, anytime. Our Power BI consultants help you create dynamics BI environment that facilitates viewing of interactive visuals and personalized reports.

Power BI Training And Post Implementation Support

Training And Post Implementation Support

Our power BI consultants provide training session to make sure you get a better handle over your dashboard. Post-implementation support conducted to check regularly and making sure that your organization is using Power BI to its full potential.

Key Competencies

  • BI strategy and Roadmap development
  • Data integration and Workflow solutions
  • Data warehouse and Data marts
  • Data analytics
  • Data modelling
  • Advanced analytics
  • Intuitive dashboards and interactive, customizable reports

Key Competencies

Power BI Competencies

Customer Success Story

Industry: Food & Beverages

Power BI Customer Success Story - Food & Beverages Industry

Customer Success Story

Industry: Food & Beverages

Take a look at how our power BI consultants helped a multinational bakery product manufacturer gain deeper insights into their sales performance and predict sales figures & inventory demand for subsequent months.

Customer had unstructured data of 90 million sales transactions in excel sheets from their different agencies spread throughout the country. After complex process of data extraction and preparation, the data source was integrated to Power BI, thereby identifying their KPIs and creating visually eye-catching reports on sales figures, quantity and returns against each geography, agency, channel, time period etc.

Why Partner With Us

Our BI team consists of expert Power BI consultants, visualization architects and analytics developers, who work with you to unearth insights that are hidden within your data from various sources. With the help of Power BI, we enable you to discover and analyze a wide spectrum of data through informative dashboards, interactive reports and fascinating data visualizations

  • Over 15 years of experience in database designing, business intelligence, ETL and analytics services
  • Large Microsoft BI team consisting of senior Power BI Consultants
  • Tailored, comprehensive Power BI consulting services by professional with vast experience in leading real life projects
  • Creating dashboards with exceptional visualization that are easy to use and highly functional
  • Multiple domain expertise gained over the years of working with different clients from various industries

Why Partner With Us

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