Salesforce Training for Nonprofits

Free 1 hour Salesforce adoption training for users to get familiarized With Salesforce nonprofit starter pack
Salesforce Training for Nonprofits - BigBrothers
"We contacted Congruent for training with Salesforce NPSP. Leejo Thomas and Srinivas Ramanujam thoroughly communicated, coordinated and customized a training structure specific to meet our needs. We had been struggling to effectively utilize Salesforce for several months as we had recently migrated our data from another platform. Srinivas is very professional, knowledgeable and he is an outstanding instructor. At the end of each training day we were eager to implement what we had learned. Srinivas' demeanor and meticulous training style provided concise insight on specific areas. There were many "light bulb" moments. To say that we were pleased, would be an understatement. We will continue to utilize Congruent and would certainly recommend their services."

If your organization has just bought new Salesforce Licenses or already using it and in need of assistance with adopting to the new Platform, Congruent will provide you the necessary Salesforce training sessions to maximize your capabilities in Salesforce platform. Congruent offers role-based tailored training to help your users make use of Salesforce to its complete potential at very little cost. We can also advice you on which 3rd party apps will aid your users to be more productive for your organization.

Congruent provides Salesforce training for nonprofits on the following:

Administrator Training

To understand all the components of NPSP and perform admin functions with ease

Donation, grants & membership training

Managing grants, major donations and membership

Constituent management training

Addressing relationships and affiliations

Integration training

Understand how to integrate Salesforce with website, payment gateways and third party applications like Classy

campaign Management

Managing campaigns, appeals and funds.

Reports & dashboards Training

Creating and managing new reports & dashboards

Volunteer management training

Manage, track and report on volunteer performance

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