Independent Testing Services

Customers always hope that the software systems driving their business should function trouble free all the time and round the clock, while they are likely to be less concerned about the technology behind the systems. This hope, though, is far from reality.

Recognizing the reality, Congruent’s proven Software Testing Services offer to guarantee customers hassle-free system operations, leading the way to touch the heights of business aspirations.

Independent Testing Services - Service Offerings

Application Type
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile
Testing Type
  • Manual
  • Automation
We Test
  • Functionality, Compatibility
  • Usability, Security
  • Performance and Load
Automation Tools
  • VS Coded UI
  • Selenium
  • Scripting
Process / Methodologies
  • TDD

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  • Manual and Automation testing of web-based, windows-based and smart phones based applications
  • Follow proven methodologies/processes and testing techniques to manage end-to-end testing life cycle
  • Provide comprehensive test coverage of the software
  • Improve the functional quality of the software and enhance its usability
  • Endorse on the compatibility of the software across various Operating System, Browsers and Mobile Platforms
  • Validate that the software is safe from the most vulnerable security threats
  • Verify the performance of the software for varying loads and ensure smooth scalability
  • Automation testing not restricted to VS 2010 CodedUI and Selenium but extended to creation of test scripts and test applications to provide greater coverage of automation

Testing Service Suite Includes

  • Business Applications
    Financial, Retail, Food & Beverages, Business Continuity, HR & Payroll, Healthcare, Communication and Organization, Document management, US Govt. taxes & Distributions
  • Software Development Kit
    Device Interactive Applications
  • Mobile Applications
    Food Safety, Asset Tracking and Management, Occupational Safety
  • Data Services Applications
    Data Analytics for various Domains

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