Mobile Application Testing

Are you looking for a partner to test your Mobile applications on Platforms like iPhone and Android?

Do you have web applications which need to be validated for compatibility in the mobile devices?

Congruent’s Testing Service can help you with mobile application testing for your native and web applications developed for iPhone and Android.

Mobile Application Testing - Service Offerings

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  • Test native and web apps on iPhone and Android
  • Test the Functionality of mobile applications
  • Validate the compatibility of the application across various devices, screen size, resolution and different versions of the operating system
  • Verify the usability of the application to ensure a great user experience
  • Verify the Interoperability of the applications with device features such as messaging and call handling
  • Recommend on the improvements to be handled so the application is able to function well for different networks such as Wi-Fi, 3G and GPRS
  • Also ensure that the applications adhere to recommended Human Interface Guidelines and W3C standards
  • Validate that the application meets the platform-specific user guidelines and standards
  • Perform Automation for the web apps for more efficient testing and reduce the testing cost

How we do it

  • Analysis of the requirements is performed to ensure that we are able to have the big picture of the application
  • Mind map of the understanding is created to clarify the requirements and the areas which needs to be tested
  • Create comprehensive test cases that cover the various aspects of the functionality and adhere to the mentioned requirements
  • Test cases are shared with the developers to bridge any gap between the development and testing teams
  • Perform manual testing against the test cases created for functionality verification
  • Existing Checklists are used to validate against the interoperability, standards and guidelines
  • Compatibility Testing is performed using various real devices and simulators
  • Mobile compatibility of web applications are validated by utilizing appropriate user agents in browsers
  • Utilize online and desktop tools to validate the W3C standards and the website readiness to be used in mobile

We would be happy to help you with any requirements or queries that you might have on our Mobile Application Testing Services. Kindly use the enquiry form to contact us.



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